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Suzhou Xishan Zhongke passed the clinical testing indicator proficiency verification activity of China Institute for Food and Drug Control with full scores for four consecutive years

Release date: 2022-12-27

Recently, the China Institute of Food and Drug Control has successively released proficiency verification reports for various clinical testing indicators in 2022. Suzhou Xishan Zhongke Clinical Laboratory has participated in a total of 37 tests in the four major categories of hematology, hemagglutination, urine biochemistry and serum biochemistry. Satisfactory results were obtained in the proficiency testing activities for each testing indicator. This is the fourth consecutive year that Suzhou Xishan Zhongke Clinical Laboratory has obtained the same perfect score since it began to participate in this proficiency testing activity in 2019. This fully demonstrates that the testing capabilities of Suzhou Xishan Zhongke Clinical Laboratory are leading the domestic industry. level, all test results are accurate and reliable.


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