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The clinical laboratory of the testing department (i.e., clinical pathology laboratory) has a batch of internationally advanced testing and analysis instruments such as fully automatic biochemical analyzers, fully automatic blood analyzers, fully automatic coagulation analyzers, and fully automatic urine analyzers, as well as Laboratory information management systems such as Provantis data collection and management system and Cores clinical testing management system; all analytical instruments and testing items have passed systematic and comprehensive scientific verification before being put into use, and strict performance verification has been carried out regularly every year thereafter. Each experiment In accordance with the management requirements of computerized systems, the laboratory information management system (LIMS) has undergone comprehensive system verification before being put into use, and strict change control has been carried out during use. The Clinical Laboratory Laboratory of the Testing Department has an experienced technical team, a complete quality management system, and a systematic personnel training system. It participates in various proficiency testing activities organized by the China Institute for Food and Drug Control every year and achieves excellent results, thus ensuring that research topics related to Test the accuracy, reliability, completeness and traceability of data.

Main instruments and equipment

  • Beckman Coulter AU680 fully automatic biochemical analyzer
  • Abbott Architect C8000 fully automatic biochemical analyzer
  • Sysmex XN-1000V fully automatic hematology analyzer
  • Sysmex XT-2000iV fully automatic hematology analyzer
  • STAGO STAR Max fully automatic coagulation analyzer
  • ARKRAY AUTION MAX AX4280 fully automatic urine analyzer
  • Leica DM750 microscope and imaging system

Service capabilities

Biochemical indicators:

Blood: liver function, kidney function, blood lipid analysis, blood sugar, electrolytes, immunoglobulin IgA/IgG/IgM, complement C3/C4, C-reactive protein, etc.

Urine: electrolytes, creatinine, etc.

Hematological indicators:

Complete blood count, five white blood cell differentials, reticulocyte count

Coagulation indicators:

Prothrombin time, activated partial prothrombin time, fibrinogen, thrombin time, fibrin(ogen) degradation products, D dimer, etc.

Urine dry chemistry indicators:

Color, turbidity, pH, specific gravity, protein, glucose, bilirubin, ketone bodies, occult blood, urobilinogen, nitrite, white blood cells

Microscopic examination of urine sediment

Bone marrow cell morphological examination

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