Xishan Zhongke has established a pesticide environmental impact test platform, has obtained relevant pesticide registration test qualifications, has a group of experienced high-end technical talents, has advanced and sufficient analytical instruments and equipment and facilities, and strictly complies with GLP guidelines and the "Pesticide Registration Test Quality "Management Standards" to provide enterprises with environmental impact testing services during pesticide registration.

Service Content

Ecotoxicology Test Category A
  • Acute oral toxicity test in birds
  • Short-term feeding toxicity test on birds
  • Fish acute toxicity test
  • Daphnia magna acute activity inhibition test
  • Green algae growth inhibition test
  • Duckweed growth inhibition test
  • Toxicity test of Myriophyllum spicata
  • Acute oral toxicity test on bees
  • Bee acute exposure toxicity test
  • Acute toxicity test on silkworms
  • Acute toxicity test of parasitic natural enemy (Trichogramma)
  • Acute toxicity test of predatory natural enemy (coccinella septempunctata)
  • Earthworm Acute Toxicity Test
  • Soil microbial impact (nitrogen transformation method) test
Ecotoxicology Test Category B
  • Bird breeding experiment
  • Fish early stage toxicity test
  • Large Pan Breeding Experiment
  • Fish bioconcentration test
  • Bee larvae developmental toxicity test
  • Chronic toxicity test on silkworms
  • Earthworm reproduction toxicity test
Ecotoxicology test category D
  • Bird toxicity test of microbial pesticides
  • Microbial pesticide bee toxicity test
  • Microbial pesticide toxicity test on silkworms
  • Microbial pesticide fish toxicity test
  • Toxicity test of microbial pesticides
  • Microbial pesticide proliferation test
Environmental fate test type A
  • Hydrolysis test
  • Photolysis test in water
  • Soil surface photolysis test
  • Soil adsorption test (batch balance method)
  • Soil adsorption test (HPLC method)
  • Soil leaching test
  • Validation of analytical methods for pesticides in water
  • Validation of analytical methods for pesticides in soil
Environmental fate test Category B
  • Soil aerobic metabolism test
  • Soil Anaerobic Metabolism Test
  • Aerobic metabolism test of water-sediment system
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