The company has an experienced and stable genotoxicity research team, which has completed thousands of related genotoxicity tests in the past 10 years. The compounds to be tested mainly include drugs, pesticides and genetic impurities. The genetic toxicity research team can provide customers with relevant tests and early genetic toxicity screening services that comply with ICH standard combinations and national standards (GB/T 15670) under the GLP regulatory system.

Service capabilities

  • Bacterial reverse mutation test (Ames test)
  • Mouse bone marrow cell micronucleus test (microscopic examination)
  • Rat bone marrow cell micronucleus test (microscopic examination)
  • In vitro mammalian cell chromosome aberration test
  • In vitro mammalian cell micronucleus assay
  • TK gene mutation test in mouse lymphoma cells
  • Mini-Ames test
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