Xishan Zhongke has established a radioactive isotope metabolism test platform, especially the 14C isotope labeling tracer test, supplemented by 35S, 33P, 131I, 125I and 3H. Under the dual qualification background of pesticide metabolism test and Class B unsealed radioactive material workplace, various pesticide metabolism tests (plants, animals, environment) are carried out:
  • Identification and confirmation of the molecular structure of metabolites
  • Biological sample analysis, proportion of metabolites
  • Contents and tissue distribution of marker parent and metabolites in animals and plants
  • Study on content and mineralization degree in environmental matrix samples
  • Metabolic reaction kinetics, metabolic trends
  • Metabolic pathway research
  • Identification of major metabolites
  • Determine residue test monitoring substances

Platform features

  • High resolution liquid mass spectrometry instrument LC-20AD/AB X500R QTOF
  • Thermo TRACE 1600GC/TSQ9610 GC/MS
  • Online isotope detector Lablogic Brta-Ram-5, v-ARC
  • Ultra-performance liquid chromatograph Waters ACQUITY UPLC H Class PLUS
  • Liquid scintillation counter PerkinElmer Tri-Carb 4910TR
  • Biological oxidation combustion meter HTC-501
  • α/β surface contamination detector SIEMENS AB3210
  • Metabolite structure analysis workstation (MetabolitePilot and SCIEX OS)
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