The company has an experienced and stable reproductive toxicity research team, which has completed hundreds of reproductive toxicity-related tests in the past 10 years. The drugs/compounds to be tested mainly include small molecule compounds (drugs), biological macromolecules (drugs), and vaccines. , traditional Chinese medicine and pesticides, etc. The reproductive toxicity research team can provide customers with relevant tests that comply with the requirements of ICH standards and national standards (GB/T 15670) under the GLP specification system.

Service capabilities

  • Rat fertility and early embryonic development toxicity test (rat reproductive segment I)
  • Rat embryo-fetal developmental toxicity test (rat reproductive segment II)
  • Rabbit embryo-fetal developmental toxicity test (rabbit reproductive segment II)
  • Perinatal Toxicity Test in Rats (Rat III Section)
  • Two generations of reproductive toxicity test (rat, GB∕T 15670)
  • Teratogenicity test (rat and rabbit, GB∕T 15670)
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