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Congratulations to our company for achieving excellent results in the "Inter-laboratory Comparison of Toxic Pathology Testing Laboratories" assessment!

Release date: 2020-12-30

In 2020, Xishan Zhongke selected professional toxicology technicians to participate in the Chemical Toxicity Evaluation Center of the Guangdong Provincial Institute for Occupational Disease Prevention and Control (Guangdong Provincial Occupational Health Testing Center) jointly sponsored by the Toxic Pathology Professional Committee of the Chinese Society of Toxicology and the Guangdong Provincial Institute for Occupational Disease Prevention and Control. Organized and implemented the 2020 inter-laboratory comparison activity for toxicological pathology testing.

In this event, a total of 96 units participated in the inter-laboratory comparison assessment, including R&D units, universities, and testing institutions in various provinces and cities. Recently, our company received an assessment certificate from the comparison activity, and the evaluation result was "excellent", which fully demonstrates that our company's toxicological pathology testing level is at the leading level in the domestic industry, and the test results are accurate and authoritative.

This evaluation has strengthened exchanges among peers in toxicological pathology testing and is of great significance to promoting the standardization and high-quality development of pathological diagnosis in my country.

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